WebSonar - Introducing the Path to Xanadu!

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Introducing, The Little Search Engine That Could...

Change Everything

Create your own Library then Research, Annotate, Acquire and Share your documents, using any web browser, anywhere at 200,000 pages per second with WebSonar.
Now Available in Apple's Mac App StoreYour Library Search Page - Select Read Me First! to BeginYour Search Results Display - WebSonar searches at the page level!Your Photograph Display - Select the Notes Link to add reference information!Your Home Movie Display - Wait for the movie to finish loading to play!

Are you frustrated with the amount of spam you are getting back in your search results? Are you concerned about the privacy issue when sharing your personal history on social media sites? Would you like to be able to access all your digital files from any computer without uploading them to the "Cloud"? How about putting all your education resources and solutions in one location for research and presentation? Maybe you would just like to be able to read thousands of free classic literature books right on your own computer.

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then WebSonar is for you. Think of it as rolling Google, FaceBook, Flicker, YouTube and the Cloud into one simple application minus the spam and privacy concerns. The application combines an intelligent "deep water" search engine with a standard web server. WebSonar can be used to create a personal library on your own computer by simply adding documents to a folder. You can then access your library from any computer running a web browser. You can be part of the New Social Network. Welcome to the future, the Age of Understanding.

Try it out on a Sample Database containing over One Million Records...